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Student-driven activities

Like all other university campuses, there are a lot of student-driven activities that are sponsored through the student welfare program.

Below you will find a good deal of them and how to get in touch with them!

If you see any mistakes or some information is missing, please send an email to the welfare committee at NTNU in Gjøvik at e-mail:

Student Parliament at NTNU in Gjøvik

The Student Parliament is the highest institution of the student at NTNU in Gjøvik, and a subordinate of the Student Parliament in Trondheim. Are there matters you want to address that apply to school, it’s us you should contact. We have meetings with the school’s management at regular intervals, where we take up matters from the students. We have offices in the canteen and office hours between 11:15 and 13:15 monday to friday where we make coffee free of charge to the students, but of course we just have to thank you too.

Leader: Julie Heiberg
Tel: 470 70 947

Velferdsutvalget, Welfare Committee at NTNU in Gjøvik

The welfare committee is an advisory body in matters concerning student welfare in Gjøvik and is a subordinate of Velferdstinget, welfare center in Trondheim. We will take care of the students’ interests above Studentamskipsnaden in Trondheim (Sit). We share offices with the Student Parliament in the cafeteria at the school where we also share their office hours. Our duties include ensuring student welfare above students at NTNU in Gjøvik through student activities, cooperation with the welfare center in Trondheim and promoting students’ wishes and needs above Sit and Gjøvik municipality.

Leader: Robin Andrè Herrmann Due
Tel: 452 51 557

Friluftslivsgruppa, Outdoor life group NTNU in Gjøvik

This group is for all students at NTNU in Gjøvik and Fagskolen inland who like to go hiking in Norwegian nature.
For those who prefer a tent on the Jostedalsbreen rather than a four-star hotel, eating fast-baked porridge every morning and having seen the first season of «Ultimate survival Alaska» countless times. All those who think tissues are luxury, using wipes for their personal hygiene and think shower is unnecessary. A group for all those who drink culture milk directly from the carton and live life like Mountain Man Marty …

… and everyone else who likes outdoor life.

Leader: Andreas Eriksson
Tel: 457 73 333
Membership fee: 50 NOK for two semesters

Gjøvikstudentenes Haandbryggerlaug

Brewery group for Gjøvik students.
For information in English, ask a member of the board (Kyle Andrew Porter, Emil Bjørnvold or Nataniel Gåsøy)

– What is beer?
Beer is an alcoholic drink made of water, malted barley (the barley of the time) and hops.

– How much does it cost to brew beer?
It depends on which recipe you want, but somewhere between 550 – 900kr for up to 50 liters of ready-brewed beer.
This is only the cost of raw materials (malt, hops, yeast and other things you want to add).

– What do I need for equipment myself to brew?
Time, place and bottles / barrel to store the beer.
Plus raw materials, and cleaners and equipment.
We have some lending chars that can be loaned out, as well as equipment for washing bottles (not soap / disinfectant) and tapping equipment.
If you use bottles, you need cork for the bottles.
Bottles can be purchased either from any of the stores below or by taking old bottles.
If you want to use barrels, you also need CO2 gas for carbonation.

– How do I make beer?
Man mesks paint, then cook the knife with hops before tapering fermentation vessels and leave to stand and ferment until it is finished.
Then you tap on either bottles or barrels, and carbonates are beer.
For questions, contact someone in the pool or see links further down.

– What equipment does the pool have?
We have a Speidel Braumeister 50L compact brewery.
This can make between 40-50L finished beers.
Furthermore, we also have some fermentation vessels, water locks, capsule locks.
The pool wishes to go to the purchase of more equipment, and will announce when it is done.

– I have never used the equipment before, what do I do?
Ask someone else in the pool, they will be happy to help.
In addition, we will attend courses during the school year, so follow.

Leader: Bjørn K. Aune
Tel: 95 79 55 51
Membership fee: 50 NOK per semester

Hockey group «Høy Kølle»

Leader: Theodor Hoff
Tel: 99 47 89 24

Medlemsavgift: 500,- per år

Climbing group Grade 9

Klategruppa Grade 9 is a climbing group for students. We have a climbing room in the basement of A built as we have regular workouts every week. We also have regular workouts atjellhallen where we have a regular coach from Gjøvik Klateklubb. In the summer we will arrange trips, we were several trips to Moelv and climbed this fall. This winter we also had a solo trip together with the open air group where we were ice climbing at Biri.

Leader: Anders Mobæk Ulstad
Tel: 91 71 97 95

Membership fee: 100 NOK per semester

SiG Handball

We are a student team in handball for all students at NTNU Gjøvik, Fagskolen Innlandet and for people in the area who will play with us. Everyone is welcome no matter what form and skills! This is primarily for staying in shape and having fun! All you need to bring is indoor shoes, clothes suitable for training and yourself!

Leader: Jenny Winsnes
Tel: ——-

Membership fee: 300 NOK per semester

Table Tennis Club

Table Tennis Club is an unpretentious group of and for people who like to play table tennis in the midst. If there is interest, we thought to arrange some tournaments and make table tennis for a social arena.

Leader: Ruben Kvamme
Tel: 91 58 07 21

Membership fee: Free

Fllaks FK

Fllaks FK is the largest and only football group at NTNU in Gjøvik. If you are interested in playing soccer, just go to the game. We were established in Autumn 2013. Both for girls and boys!

Leader: Lisa Kristin Johansen
Tel: 90 21 84 71

Membership fee: 300 NOK per semester

NTNU innebandy Gjøvik

We are a group who play floorball twice a week. We give priority to the social, as well as getting the blood pump to work a little harder. We would like to add more, so pack your workout clothes + indoor shoes and show up! If you do not have sticks the group has its own equipment you can borrow. Practice on Mondays 3:00 p.m to 4:00 p.m in Campus Arena Gjøvik (Kallerud Hall) and
tuesdays from 08:30p.m to 10:00p.m at «Gjøvik Videregående skole» (We’re using the half furthest away from the entrance so to get there follw these steps: 1. Go inside through the main entrance, 2. Walk right and down the stairs, 3. Walk thorugh the hallway past all the dressing rooms and from there, enter the hall


All are welcome!
Poor stamina no barrier!
You do not need own equipment, just workout clothes + indoor shoes
We’re playing for fun!
Mondays 3:00 p.m to 4:00 p.m in Campus Arena Gjøvik (Kallerud Hall)
Tuesdays 08:30p.m to 10p.m at «Gjøvik videregående skole»

Leader: Marius Dahlen Østli
Tel: 480 56 103

Membership fee: 150 NOK

Gjøvikakademikernes Sendeplateforening

Disc golf group for the students in Gjøvik

Leader: Anders Martinsen
Tel: 99 78 53 19

Membership fee: Free


Ski group on Tryne

Skiing group At Tryne is the largest student group at NTNU in Gjøvik. Are you interested in alpine, telemark, snowboard or just think party is a little fun? Then this is the group for you !! We hold football lessons in the Kallerud Hall every Tuesday from 21-22, arranging the school’s ski days in Hafjell and the year’s biggest event – HEMSEDAL 2016!

Leader: Vemund Olimb
Tel: 98 65 27 88

Membership fee: 250 NOK for two semesters

HUSET Gjøvik

The «HOUSE» at Kallerud is a social gathering point for students and everyone over the age of 18 in Gjøvik. On the 1st floor there is a pub / café, and on the 2nd floor there is a slightly larger room used for concerts, discos, corporate presentations and larger meetings. The «HOUSE» is run by students in collaboration with the Student Assembly in Trondheim, and was built in 1998 as a multi-purpose house, and if you need a little space to unfold, it is quite possible to use the «HOUSE» for the most part.

Leader: Svein Are Danielsen

Membership fee: Free

Norwegian People’s Aid Student Group Gjøvik

NF Student Group Gjøvik wishes to create a meeting place for students at NTNU Gjøvik, which has an interest in first aid and search and rescue. The student group is sponsored by Sit.

Leader: Pernille Hornæss
Tel: 91 53 93 59

Membership fee: 175 NOK per year

Band Group NTNU – Gjøvik

We are an association that makes it easier for students in the Gjøvik area to do music. The group was created in spring 2016 by a bunch of dedicated students. They saw the need for a properly organized group for musicians, since previous attempts had failed.

Leader: Martin Johansen
Tel: 99 43 78 71

Membership fee: 100 NOK per semester

Gjøvik Christian Student Team

The team (Gjøvik Kristne Studentlag) welcomes social evenings with waffles, Jesus, and games (including billiards)! Everyone is welcome!

Leader: Dennis Yeboah
Tel: 458 09 801

Membership fee: —–


Line Associations


Linjeforening for students at the Department of Technology at NTNU in Gjøvik. The association will establish contact between companies and students, as well as arrange social and academic events for the students.

Leader: Christian Kenneth Edvardsen Holm


The line association FRESK is the Norwegian Association of Health Sciences at NTNU in Gjøvik. HOS consists of nursing, occupational therapy and radiography, and together we are the largest department at school, with well over 1000 students.

Leader: Marie Lian


Darling is the line association for design and media subjects at NTNU Gjøvik (media management, media design, media production, web development and master in Interaction Design). We will promote the creativity and motivation of the students, and create a good coherence between the media lines. We are keen to have contact with industry to make the media students from Gjøvik better acquainted with the industry and to give them the opportunity to create networks.

Leader: Hilde Mikalsen


Login is the line association for IT studies at NTNU in Gjøvik. The purpose of the line association is to create a good social and professional environment, so that the cohesion between IT students becomes better. Login is among other things for the students to get better contact with the business community.

Leader: ————————


RIK is the line association for all students in Logistics and Economics and Management at NTNU in Gjøvik

Leader: Joakim Mathisen Guldahl


Groups not driven by students, but with activities for students


Gjøvik Swans

Gjøvik Swans is Gjøvik’s own American football team. Swans now plays in 2nd division but has ambitions to be in 1st division by the end of 2018. Gjøvik Swans is from January 2017 part of the Wind Sport team and will join this in a family of many sports teams under the team Wind sports teams.

Leader: Daniel Kværndal Knutsen
Tel: 91 83 52 73